Comic Con 2012.

Look who I brought with me to Comic Con 2012! ERVIN. A jaunty 2 1/2 hour drive to San Diego and — Nerd Virg no more!

I go, mainly for the most amazing people watching on the planet. And then every year, I’m surprised by things that blow my mind. Like this Stinky Poo and TP by “Bored Inc.”. So good!

But, FASHION FIRST! SUPER hot this year: UNDER-BUTT. The dimply, pasty, estranged, socially-awkward cousin of “side boob”. Victims, let’s work this out together: Event-inspired rear decoration = no conceally butt cheeks. Unless you own a piece of paper that has the words “Hawaiian Tropic” and “Contract” on it, no one wants to see ’em. Not even if they are star-spangled. That means you, Wonder Women.
Our first stop was my roomie’s booth! Fleet Street Scandal with Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart. Here’s Kevin’s Yuki character… a sculpt that I seriously want as a collectible… (She’s chic and smart and espionage-y!)

Chris greets the fans. (Those tree stumps he designed were sellin like hot cakes!)Kevin does some bidness on his phone.Then we hit the floor. Forty two years ago, Comic Con was a bunch of nerds with boxes of comic books. Now, it’s a TON of nerds. But the show now includes feature film, TV, small press, crafts, personal art, toys AND everything you need for Dungeons & Dragons. Like, one billion difference styles of dice.

And also these! Prototype toys. RODDIMUS PRIDE and Gay Enterprise. Love iiiiit!

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the lack of common courtesy as you mill about the show. You will be smacked by posters, freakishly large backpacks attached to people who never leave their parents’ basements… your toes will be stepped on. Your face will be accidentally punched. And then you see this from across the room, and you stomp over everyone in order to get to it:WETA’s monster trolls from “The Hobbit”. HUGE and awesome, they’re like 3x as tall as a person. Bring some extra goats if you have them (they eat those, right?).

I totally bought one of these life size hipster Star Wars toys:
Smeagol butt-dialed me. I had to play the message for him:THEN, I found my robotron boyfriend, Optimus Prime. We had a thing last year, if you recall. It’s been hard since it’s a long distance relationship, but we reconnected immediately. Just like old times!

He loves the way I hug his shin.
The awkward thing though, was that my other boyfriend The Hulk, was watching us from like 20 feet away. He and I have been kinda on-again, off-again because of his temper… so, it’s just hard.Ervin and I met up with friends for dinner at The Lincoln Room and then headed back to our car in the parking structure. A long day, but super fun and geeky.

Full of french fries, we drove out of the parking lot, inserted our parking ticket, saw $50.00 on the screen (for 5 hours of parking), called the attendant who’s only “help” was making me insert my debit card into the machine, then cried a little bit on the way home about what a douche that guy was and who can afford parking like that and we need to be better about reading signs (like SUPER vigilant) and omg is this a f-ing traffic jam on the highway at 11pm WTF…etc, etc, etc.



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