Underdog Horse.

Have you guys seen this? It’s from the 2009 Kentucky Derby, but I just discovered it yesterday, thanks to this episode of This American Life.

Maybe you’re one of those big hat wearin’, Mint Julep swillin’, horse bettin’ types. And you’ve seen this clip before. I hadn’t (and I even like Mint Juleps).

This morning, I was having one of those days where things kick off with you, under a pile of bricks, at the base of an infinite mountain. You’re exhausted from the weeks before, and sweet baby Jesus it seems like there are only days like this ahead of you, too. I am drowning in freelance (which would be worth it, if they were any good at paying me), working my other part time job – which has taken some unfortunate turns and which I may have to ditch shortly, and… trying to eat healthy, stay on budget, not be a jerk girlfriend, go to the gym, and what? Oh – sleep. On occasion.

*Don’t tell anyone I’m writing this at 3am…! I like it here. It’s the only place I’m feeling very creative lately…

So, with all that said, you do know, sweet people, that I was crying my damn eyes out at the Derby horse! He was the LEAST favored to win. It was almost a joke that he was racing, and he started out in the back of the pack. WAY back. The announcers didn’t even know his name, when he surged ahead on the home stretch. The jockey was asked how he won with him. He said he rode him like a good horse. Like a winner.

And what did “Mine That Bird” friggin do? He won. In a monumental upset of ALL the other horses.

Inspiration. For an acting career in LA. Or whatever you’re up against today.



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