Itty Bitty Litty Committee.

For my summer reading, I decided – down with words! Down with normal sized books! And look what showed up in a sweet little brown box, wrapped in string. The tiniest, sassiest, picture-iest book about The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. Made by my good friend Blend, from her weekend getaway there with friends.

I have yet to visit the Inn, but after browsing this mini book, I feel like I’m almost drunk on bubbly cocktails.
Here, I’m reading about how Mr. Estes was sad that the gumball machine wasn’t working that day.

Here, I’m wishing I could put this in my face:
Ok, this is my favorite idea ever. Second only to making the tub your drink cooler…
This is some Nat Geo level wildlife photography. All mine are always blurry butts of animals leaving the frame.

Ahhhh. Another book completed! …Where is my free Book-It Pizza Hut personal pan pizza, for my accomplishments while school is out?? (Did you guys do that?!!) Ugh. Growing up blows.



3 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Litty Committee.

  1. HECK yes we had the Pizza Hut reading thing! I was sooo happy to collect the little stars. And dude, it was the perfect brainwashing technique because now all my siblings and I agree that our favorite pizza… is from the hut. Natch.

    1. YES! I remember seriously feeling like it was the most important pizza ever. I have no idea what books I read, but I remember the pizza like it was yesterday. XO

  2. I feel like I missed out on the Pizza Hut thing. I read for no reason, and it seems like a lot of pizzas went unclaimed in my household…I bet my sisters had something to do with it. Bi**hes.

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