ParaNorman Is Coming!

You guys! Remember when I hung out with those famous people (Oh hey, Casey Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jeff Garlin, Leslie Mann…) last year, as a reader for the LA voice record sessions for feature film ParaNorman?? It’s finally here! In theaters this Friday!

I got to play the ditzy older sister Courtney in the original table read/record of the movie:

(I might even end up in .03 seconds of DVD extras! Look out Hollywoooood!) Anna plays Courtney in the final cut. Therefore, I am related to Anna Kendrick. We’re like twins. Like unconjoined twins. Except one of us is really rich. So I guess I’m the fun one with the great personality!

Get your tickets and slap those 3D glasses on your eye holes! See you at the movies!



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