I Can Has Annoying Tourists In My Moments.

So, a lot has been going on this past week…(s). I shot a commercial and a pilot for a sketch comedy show. Do not be fooled. I didn’t make money every day that I worked. But I appreciate the chances I get to act. They are like Coca-Cola’s in the desert. Or water. Interesting Black Stallions. Whatever you would be excited to find. A cactus in the shape of a fork.

I feel tired, stressed out and super head-y about what I’m doing with my life. It’s been an enjoyable summer… just…taking it easy and wondering if I’ve made all the wrong choices for myself and if I’m capable of being my own best advocate in the future and maybe wondering if I rely too heavily on happy hour and working out to lift my spirits and what I really want to be doing. Carefree!

I went on a Runyon Canyon hike with Ervin. We haven’t been able to spend much time together and we’re in one of those spots where we’re really working at building our relationship. Working hard, if y’know what I mean.

We hiked up to this look-out point and took a minute to rest and survey the smog. Our hands clasped, I leaned in and said “I know things are hard right now, but I love you and I’m glad to be here with you.” “I love you too” he said. And we stood together in a hug shape and I listened to his heartbeat.

Two seconds later, “(TAP TAP TAP on my shoulder) COULD YOU TAKE OUR PICTURE?”

A blonde midwest-looking girl in cute shorts and a sensible T, made the hand motion that it would be she and her boyfriend, who was standing by. I was like “…..o….k….” as I took her iPhone and undid the hug I was in. Then we let them take our place on the ridge, as we backed out of frame and took a couple shots.

“THANKS S’MUCH!” and they scampered off.

Good day, tourist couple with your lives ahead of you. Don’t let life get you down. The world is your oyster. And everyone in it, your personal photographer.

As we hiked back down, I planned for the next time that happens: I will say “Absolutely! Just one sec here, let’s get a good one” and then reverse the iPhone camera (without flipping the phone around) so that it takes a picture of my sweaty, pissed off, fish-eyed face, “One more! Just in case! Aww, nice!” and snap a few of me mouthing “You are dead to me.”




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