Zink Commercial Shoot.

If you’ve been a reader of mine for the past (almost) two years, you’re well aware of how glamorous the world of acting really is. It’s ALL limos and personal chefs and your own clothing/perfume/makeup line. I mean, it hardly feels like work!

I would imagine. If you are a celebrity.

But hey-oh! Getting paid for a day shoot on a commercial is fine by me. I think I’ve made more money playing a Mom than my sister – who is a Mom – will ever make for Mom-ing. Or really – any Mom. I’m overly compensated for just sitting around texting, having my make-up and hair done, wardrobe steamed, snacking on coffee and fresh fruit, while “my children”, go to on-set studio school and their actual parents pick up the slack.

OK, wait. This is sounding kinda fabulous…This was for Zink (Yes, I’m under oath to never speak of the details, but suffice it to say, there WAS vegetarian lasagna on set). I woke up at 5am and hauled my butt across town to Brentwood, CA to shoot in the gorgeous home (partially pictured up top, with my fake husband Jeff) of our director. It was a full day shoot, with these two whipper snappers:“DO YOU KNOW KARATE?? (PUNCHING MY BUTT CHEEKS)”. That’s how I met 4-year-old Jack. I forgot how boy-kids interact. We proceeded to try to push each other in the pool until someone’s Dad said it wasn’t the best idea. Paris is two years older than Jack. It’s her first shoot and she’s a total pro already. She taught me the splits and how to say “Frappawappa-WHUTTT???” instead of Frappuccino which is way boring to say, now.

While I don’t think I’m in a place to be raising my own, I totally enjoy the entertainment value of children that aren’t mine. In one scene, Jack had to come grab a juice box from me in the kitchen. Jack: “I don’t like apple juice….” Director: “Ok, pretend it’s chocolate milk.” Jack: “I don’t have to drink it though, right?” And the inevitable “I’m ready to be done”, which I’m sure we’re all thinking.

By the end of the day, I had developed quite a rapport with the child actor people.He’s… laughing.

And I got Paris to work out a few kinks in my back while we were on break (AFTER her school work was done. C’mon, I’m not a slave driver!):I think I still owe her $20 for this.

Glamorous day be done! Once we wrapped, I met up with Ervin and we drove to Malibu for some Thai, which I had no idea existed by the beach, but which was amazing and perfect after a day pretending not to eat actual food.

This stuff is fun.



One thought on “Zink Commercial Shoot.

  1. I think I’m on the wrong side of production…every commercial I’ve been on I have to bust my butt for a flat rate and if we go over 12 hours, my hourly rate just keeps on a droppin’!

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