Go Go Juice.

Last nite, I drank me some moonshine. A sip in, and I was contemplating one-way tickets to live with my cousins in Virginia, while Googling “Mouth Harp + How” and thinking maybe the jugs or spoons might be easier. I was born in the wrong era. Why, I’d have been good as cast on Hee Haw.

The white lightning is delicious. But it was the capper on a day of sweet potato fries, toffee peanuts and ice cream sandwiches (from MILK. Sofa king good…). And this morning, I woke up with I-didn’t-drink-enough-water brain, and guts angrily sending S.O.S. signals.

What a perfect reason to indulge in a little Pressed Juicery. I was on my way to body combat class at the gym anyway. And I was feeling inspired, since our CSA box arrives tomorrow, packed with local veg. Good morning, Monday! Supes sorry about that weekend thing…I just started watching The New Normal and episode 2 features THE JUICE! This fridge would be my personal Heaven. As long as I had a second fridge full of well-organized cheese, exclusively.

If I’ve eaten macaroni and cheese for a week, I pick Greens 4, which has a cayenne bite and kick in the pants. But today, I wanted a gentler version, so I went with Greens 3. Calm, detox-y. Cuts through your previous transgressions.

Juicing goes way back to Bible times and different eyebrow styles. And I’m jumping on board long after it’s become supermodel-cool. But sometimes, it’s just what you need.

Like Hee Haw:


Ellen Barkin and the fridge, Hee Haw


3 thoughts on “Go Go Juice.

    1. I inappropriately pet a Vitamix yesterday at Crate and Barrel. I saw that your hubby got you one… I’ll have the “I Am Green With Envy” ;) SO want that thing! I make my kale smoothies almost every day in my Osterizer blender. It does most of the chewing for me, but leaves a little grit, so my teeth have something to do. Ehhh…It’s a start.

      1. I love my Vitamix in an inappropriate way. I dream about using it all day when I’m at work. *sigh* It’s so sexy….I hope you can get one soon! It’s like what they say about a chainsaw. You just keep thinking of things you can put in it and make into mush….!

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