Torani Holiday Spot.

This Thanksgiving, Friends, do whatever you can to dominate in your kitchen. Really go for it. Everything from scratch. Milk your own cows, grow your own wheat, harvest your own cranberries, weave your own napkins on a loom. Because it’s worth it. Everyone you invite will be live Tweeting and Instagram-ing the crap out of this meal. You are creating your own legacy. GET. IT. TOGETHER!

Nothing matters more than impressing your family — these people who have been around you for years, who’ve maybe seen you barf on yourself at some point, who know deep, dark secrets about you. They will for reals instantly unlove you if you can’t whip up a friggin pumpkin pie like a bizarro Martha Stewart with a different last name. And first name, probably.

OK, ok. Not really. I seriously contemplated ordering Chinese this year. (Fah-rah-rah-rah-rah). Because as much as I love smashed potatoes, Thanksgiving is really about being thankful for something (and not thinking too much about how the first Thanksgiving must have gone: “Hey, how do we grow corn? OK, we got it, get outta here so we can enjoy our dinner.”

I wanted to show you this Torani ad (remember the spot I shot at the mansion in May? Finally, it’s seasonally appropriate!). I love to show behind the scenes on my sets, but I forget to show the finished product! Here it is!

It’s pretty close to how I will be celebrating this year. Except I’ll be in not-a-mansion, not making pie. I WILL, however, be mixing up some cocktails for friends and definitely pitting-out in my turtleneck. A string of pearls draws the eye away from the stains.

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!



One thought on “Torani Holiday Spot.

  1. i love your friggin face! Watched the commercial! Cheered with my family! I seriously want to claim you as one of my babies! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! I will see you when I get back! ;)

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