“City Baby” World Premiere.

city-baby-movie-posterI play a tiny role in this movie. AND, I’m totally going to the WORLD PREMIERE of City Baby at Cinequest Film Festival on March 2nd! I can’t wait to squeeze into this Herve Ledger bandage dress I inherited from Mischa Barton (it is its own Spanx), and stand in front of a banner that says Cinequest, to have my picture taken! Probably by me!

Really, I will be there in full on support of David Morgan and Cora Benesh, who are the true heart and soul of this project. They wrote it together, David directed, and Cora stars as the gorgeous, figuring-it-out Cloey. They are the most lovely people. I am crossing my fingers that this is just the first in a long run in the festival circuit! Check out the trailer (it is the essence of Portland. And Daniel Baldwin is in it. The chick who says “Silly Baby?” — that’s me):

Alright, alright — back to ME.

The day I shot my City Baby scenes in Portland (as Jordan!), I arrived on set in boots, jeans… and hopefully a shirt. Wardrobe had me change into a dress, with my own boots. I got my hair and makeup did, and we were rollin. I shot my scene with Andrew Harris (Jesse), then headed back to where my clothes had been. I was on the clock, and headed to perform on stage in “Kiss Me Like You Mean It” that night with Third Rail Rep.  And I couldn’t find my pants.


You feel like a total idiot, asking an entire film crew, one by one, “Have you seen my pants?” WHO LOSES THEIR OWN PANTS! Especially when you had been wearing them an hour ago! I searched desperately through everyone’s clothes. Nothing.

Finally, Andrew walked into the room, where the pants search party was underway. “Andrew! Have you seen my jeans?”

Andrew: “What do they look like?”

Me: “I dunno — kind of blue, ripped a little bit in the knee…”

Andrew: “Cool.” He started looking, too.

Wait a second. THE PANTS. WERE ON ANDREW. 

He put them on in the bathroom, thinking wardrobe had left them there for his character. I was so glad to finally find them, but saddened by the fact that a man could fit into my pants. That’s never cool, right? I don’t care how modern hipster we are. I wanna feel like a dainty lady.

Wardrobe: “We’re gonna have to keep them, since he wore them in the scene already.”

Me: OK, I’ll just take off, completely naked except for these boots and my grannie panties…

Wardrobe: “You can wear these shorts.”

So, I headed to my play, in my boots and tiny shorts. Into the cold, windy night. Only to return after my play, to film the next scene.

Filmmaking can be brutal. But it’s the kind of work I would do, in the rain, in the cold, in the snow, up a hill. It’s exactly like being a Postal Worker, really.

Here is the exact moment when I realized Andrew was wearing my pants:
I am so looking forward to having some fun with everyone on City Baby at Cinequest for the World Premiere! (Thank you David and Cora!!!)



3 thoughts on ““City Baby” World Premiere.

  1. It’s worse when you gain too much weight and you can’t fit into your boyfriend’s pants. That’s when you know you’re nowhere near “dainty” anymore! Luckily I’ve pulled back from that brink. But DUDE. Get your jeans back! Have fun at the par-tay!

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