The Bairs Are Coming.

parents-hug-skypeThat is my most recent photo of my parents.

It’s from when we sign off on Skype. We group hug. It looks like a little “tent-revival”, but I love it. And these two people are COMING TO LOS ANGELES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! All the way from Lancaster, PA!

We’re gonna do so much stuff!!!

1. Go to Venice Beach:parents-hug-venice-beach-guy2. Check out Hollywood Blvd:parents-hug-hollywood-blvd3. Get up close to the Hollywood Sign:parents-hug-hollywood-sign4. And zip around Rodeo Drive:parents-hug-sportscar-rodeo-drive5. And MORE, ETC!

I love them. I cannot wait to see them!! *(And then post a crazy blog about it.)



12 thoughts on “The Bairs Are Coming.

  1. Hi Lauren! I just discovered your blog — your posts are hilarious! And then I read this post and saw that you’re from Lancaster, PA and freaked out. I am too! Where in Lancaster? I grew up in Lititz and now I live in Phoenix, AZ as a designer/letterpress printer. Looks like you’re really enjoying L.A.!

    • Laura! Lancaster twinsies!! My address was always Lancaster when I lived there — I went to Hempfield High School. Do you know where that is? Like, 20 mins from downtown. So awesome that you’re doing such cool work in Phoenix! Do you have anything online I could look at? I love great design and letterpress is so lovely. Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it ;)

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