Sleeping On The Job.


And we shot it at the crack of dawn in Culver City, CA. (Unfortunately, Larry could not be there at the time.)

I mean — I don’t wanna brag about it, but… you guys. I did like the most incredible “Wow” of my life. It said so many things in just three tiny letters. “OMG”, “WTF”, “SOL”, “BRB”… all wrapped into one.

I arrived on set, fresh faced and frizzy free! (Not really. My hair needed some wrangling.) And I found my friend Keeshan who I discovered is one of the spokesmen for Mattress Firm worldwide! You make instant friends with everyone on set, but it’s always fun to see a familiar face.

I finally remembered to do a makeup/hair “before” AND “after”:mattress-firm-shoot-me-keeshan

A miraculous transformation!

The best part of the shoot was lying atop the fancy prototype mattress for the shot. All I had to do was “respond to the sensation of it getting firm and soft”. That was my direction.

And no, I could not resist cracking a few tasteful…ish... jokes about it.

In this particular shot, the camera was shooting up my nose a little bit. Which can create the illusion (or truth) of double chins (millions of Facebook bikini girls agree! That’s why they all shoot from way up high!). I said to myself “Ugh, just relax. It’s fine. I’m sure it’s not really doing a stubby neck thing…” when wardrobe came over and whispered “Just between you and me, you’re looking a little wrinkly. Lengthen your neck when they start shooting.”


The director approached “You’re looking a little (shrugs shoulders, sinks head into collarbone). Chin up.”

“OK.” I stretched my neck out like a turtle, straightened my jacket, fixed my hair, held my hands where they wanted, looked at the remote control over my nose, tried to breathe, and THEN “responded to the sensation” with the world’s best “WOW”. Over and over.

That’s why we get paid. Because when you see it on TV, you just think “WOW. I want that mattress.” Well, alright – now that I told you this, you’re gonna think about stubby necks.

The worst part of the shoot was that it just was not any fun.mattress-firm-shoot-beth-meI had a blast! Thank you Mattress Firm! You can look for Beth right there (our gang sign is “WOW” — see it?), Keeshan, and a slew of other characters when this airs on TV just about everywhere except Los Angeles!

(Mom! It’ll be on TV in PA! I’m a real actress!)

And back to my neck exercises.



6 thoughts on “Sleeping On The Job.

  1. This sounds like YOUR kind of mattress shoot. (I was picturing negligees and sensuous sleepy poses.) And you really rock the red cap! Are they trying to hire lookalikes? You and Beth could almost pass for each other. Congrats! Can’t wait to watch 16 gazillion hours of TV to try to catch the commercial! xoxoxo

    • Mom — it’s only the hats that make Beth and I look the same. In reality, one of us is tall, thin, delicate and feminine with an adorable short pixie cut — and the other one of us, is me.

      That’s so funny that you mention watching all that TV to see this ad. I was totally thinking about that when I wrote this! (I’ll find it on YouTube, I’m sure…) XXOO!

  2. WOW. I mean really, WOW. Seriously though, I’m SO excited for you! And even more so that you didn’t get dumb-ass dude from the audition on the set. I can see that this commercial will catapult you into mattress fame and stardom!! I can say I knew (read) you when…. XO

    • Ahahaha. For all I know, that dude has been cast as a series regular on whatever comes after Breaking Bad. I think the next hit show will be called “Seinfeld Wire Friends Breaking Bad” and I will be on it. SO wow. Hahaha.

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