CityBaby LA PremiereHi you guys!

So, this week, I’m packing up my things and moving 15 minutes away to Hollywood proper, with my boyfriend Ervin! It’s OFFICIAL: We’re cheap bastards who like lower rent! As much as I will miss my first ‘hood in LA, Los Feliz, with its Little Dom’s and its Alcove and its Vista Movie Theatre (and the new Scientology building that’s about to pop up a block away… thank Xenu, because the previous nearest location was THREE blocks from me. I mean, – walking? Gross), I’m also ready to try something fresh and new!

I’ve been spying on my new building and so far, I know that one of my new neighbors may or may not be a hobo, and another one of my neighbors dries his wetsuits on our shared balcony. Not for long, my friend… not for long. (Me, drying flesh-tone nylons on our shared balcony. All the time…)

And speaking of HOLLYWOOD, GUESS WHO’S COMIN TO TOWN! Everyone’s favorite hipster flick “CITY BABY” for the Dances With Films Festival!! You guys — if you are in LA, and you’re free Wednesday June 5th at 9:30p, to come down to The Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd and hang with the stars of the film (I’m not speaking about myself — I haven’t turned into a total douche!), and also us supporting cast (OK, that part’s ME), scoop up some tickets while they last!

This movie is SO beautiful and features some really great performances. And a story line that you’ll be all, “wait – are they talking about me?” in places. Yeah. It’s lovely. It’s Portland-y. It’s totally worth $11.

Tomorrow night is the Festival’s Opening Nite and YES YOU ARE RIGHT — I get to walk the GREEN carpet!! Green’s the new red, bitches! I’m doin the shmooze-n-pose for City Baby. If you will be there, look for me! I’ll have a small tear in the corner of my eye because my heels are murdering me, toes first.city-baby-movie-posterI can’t wait for this. Please come support the film if you can! It’s a good one. I recently saw Fast & Furious 6 and that was also good. So. You can trust me. AND Vin Diesel. We got your back.



7 thoughts on ““CITY BABY” IN LA!

  1. totally wish I could make it! I am sure you are amazing and beautiful! I am for sure going to see Fast and Furious 6! ;) “THis vehicular warfare” for that line alone I will be going. And it’s a pg-13 action movie. you know. sigh. I adore all of you and your amazing career. I will be so happy to be tanning you and hopefully giving you material to write about for your own show! love your guts!

    • EVERYBODY GO GET A TAN FROM SUZY! I got so many compliments — especially in Beverly Hills where they pay top dolla’ for this kinda thing ;) Thank you Suzy!! You’re the sweetest. I hope you enjoy Fast + Furious 6. It’s all about the family, according to Vin Diesel. See? It’s a family show! XO

    • Hey Phil! Thank you so much! I know. It’s like I don’t exist, now that I’m not on FB ;) Haha. Thanks for checking in on here!! I totally got my start in the Maklar movie!! ;) Hope things are well with you and the family!!

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