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Mrs. Featherbottom.

30 Sep

old-woman-and-dinnerI had clear expectations as to how this would unfold. I was going to deliver this lonely elderly woman’s lunch to her, in her sweet little granny room at the nursing home. She’d smile when she saw me – a youth – walk through the door, interrupting the sound of the ticking grandfather clock – a family heirloom. She’d just be grateful for a little companionship on this sunny afternoon. I would gently touch her arm and say “Hi Mrs. Featherbottom! I’m Lauren. And this is your lunch for today,” smiling, as I laid out the delicate angel hair pasta, the healthy vegetable, and the chocolate bread pudding. We’d chitchat about her day and how I should live every moment to its fullest, she’d say. She would know. She’s so wise and wonderful.

I’d say I should go and let her enjoy her meal. She’d ask if I’m coming by tomorrow. I’d say I hoped so! I’d gently touch her arm to reassure her that we’re all in this together somehow. And we’d knowingly exchange twinkles in our eyes, as I waved goodbye and lovingly closed her door, sort of tucking her in, for the afternoon. I’d walk away, my heartstrings tugging with thoughts of my own Grandmothers. One who is in a nursing home, and the other who is probably reading this story right now. I miss them so much.


And then, the opposite of that happened.



Opposite. Continue reading


Peace and Quiet and Smoothie.

25 Sep


That’s a green smoothie. I know. This isn’t a food blog. And this isn’t a food post. You can keep reading…

I’ve been feeling quiet lately.

A couple months ago, in the frenzy of summertime, I was all “OMG! BE BUSY! Freak out and do a bunch of stuff even though you feel like being still and trying to be calm! GO! Just —- figure it out!!! HURRY! EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING SOMETHING!” And I basically ripped my hair out, trying to ACHIEVE. Trying to APPEAR to be achieving. Something. And trying to tell people about it, so it would be REAL!

But then…. I decided it was gonna have to be ok, to not be psychotically busy and Instragram-ably happy about life right now.

And to not pretend like I am. (–Gasp! What will people THINK??!) Continue reading

Lauren’s Ellen’s “Better Baby”.

16 Sep

ellen-billboardSo, I did this infomercial for The Ellen Show. It aired last Friday and is called Ellen’s Better Baby, where I play a Mom, while wearing my signature pink NBC Network TV cardigan. I dunno – I just happened to be wearing it for this, and for that $#*@&%*# game show, back in December. JEREMY!! #neverforget Continue reading

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