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Coffee Talk.

21 Oct

lily-the-chihuahua“OK, LET’S GET TO WORK!”

The GUY pulled a camera from his bag and popped out of his chair, just as his coffee date grabbed her iced latte, and positioned herself in front of the door to the coffee shop.

I was sitting kinda behind her, with no makeup, huddled in the corner like a troll, working on my laptop. [CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!] snapped the camera, as the girl did a thousand variations of “GIRL ON SIDEWALK WITH LATTE”.

— ohmigad, am I in this? I don’t want to be in this. I cowered behind my laptop. Finally – a reason for the 17″ screen! I slid lower in my plastic chair. Then I thought about my dry, white, unshaven legs, hanging out from beneath the table. Damnit. [CLICK! CLICK! CLICKITY-CLICK-SNAP-“OK I THINK WE GOT IT!”] – and he popped the lens cap on his camera. They hi-five’d, and she was off.

What the –? I peeked out from behind my monitor to get a good look at this dude. Everyone in LA is kind of “on”, or “off” — I just wanted to see which one he was. — OK both. Continue reading


Cougar Life.

7 Oct

sprint-shoot-venice-beach-actorsThere is an ad for something called Cougar Life, running in LA. Are you guys seeing it all over the world — or is this yet another “Keep Hollywood Weird” situation.

I am thinking about it because of this commercial shoot I worked on, recently. It was for Sprint (maybe you will see my face in their stores, Sprint customers!) and I was coupled-up “on a date” with actor Armen Taylor. We had a lot of fun on our Sprint date, taking selfies on Santa Monica Pier one evening by the beach.

Getting paid to enjoy a gorgeous sunset is not horrible. Continue reading

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