SLEEPOVER with Dan and Lauren (who is me).

sleepoverposterSo… my friend Dan Magro and I put this fun little show together.

It’s called Sleepover with Dan & Lauren and it premieres TONITE. So. Cancel your normal Monday Funday plans (what? That is not a thing) and glue your smartphone to your eyeballs at 8pm Pennsylvania time and 5pm California time to watch us.

Without spoiling anything, and to enjoy this very first episode, you’ll need: A nice cocktail, your favorite PJ’s, a jar of Vaseline, some good rope, a tarp, like – a lot of Febreeze… wait. No. That’s for this other thing…


Dan and I were hiking one day and we thought “OMG. Let’s do a show like a sleepover, in our PJs!” And without any effort, the show was born.

Just kidding. We work our regular jobs AND hustle for our careers AND put this show together, too. And with the help of some very talented friends, it’s happening. YOSO! (You Only Sleep Once.) 

I’ll post new shows on here, but Sleepover will be airing every Monday from now until eternity. Or til the Sleep-pocolypse. Whichever comes first.

Thank you guys for following me on here, and sharing this lil show with other people who might like it. WARNING: Probably not suitable for kids. OR grandparents. OR arrogant film school drop outs who hate everything now. OR my old bus driver who was Mennonite. OR my Mom. (But you can still watch it, Mom. Just… be ready to, um, learn a few things you didn’t want to know. This *is* Hollywood. And we don’t have censors. Yet.)

We’ve got some amazing guests this season, along with delicious cocktails, guilty-pleasure snacks, beauty tips that may or may really not work, rando infomercials to make you feel good about how well you can handle regular LIFE…

ALL OF THIS, from the comfort of our bed. Your bed. Wherever, just — it’s a sleepover. And you’re invited.

So put on your jammies, and let the glow of your laptop warm your irises. That means we love you!



11 thoughts on “SLEEPOVER with Dan and Lauren (who is me).

  1. I have been watching and watching and laughing and laughing!!!! Having soooo much FUN!!! I totally want to talk to you! I don’t have your number though because of a phone issue!!! PLEEEAAASE call me!!! 817-891-4537 xoxoxoxoxo

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