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Chocolate Peanut Butter Dog Turds.

24 Feb


This is a diversion from the usual thing around here. Februarurary is a weird month for me because it’s my bday times. Aquarius rules. But according to astrology, Uranus is my true ruler, so that’s…

Anyway, I always feel like my bday is my own private New Years. SO MUCH REFLECTION on the year past and the one hopefully coming up. So I usually go off the deep end, then return back to reality and realize “Y’know… maybe I need a little P&Q”. Peas and quarrots. Or peace and quiet, in my brain. Because obsessing about omg-what-have-I-even-done-with-my-life-everything-is-going-by-so-fast-what-if-I-die-before-I-ever-do-anything-meaningful — really is useless energy that I could be turning toward something like an interesting knitting project.

If I knew how to knit.


So. In lieu of anything meaningful, here are some chocolate turds! Continue reading

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