Go To Bed.

sleepover-wrap-party-01You’s guys. My bezzzz friend Dan Magro and I FINISHED 18 bonafide episodes of “Sleepover With Dan + Lauren”! And to celebrate — in lieu of having everyone over for the world’s sweatiest, most awkwardest actual sleepover — we threw a good ole fashioned party.

That’s us up top, kinda looking like DJs, kinda looking like we had a personal relationship with the bartender…(Looks like water, tastes like alcoholic Christmas trees!)sleepover-wrap-party-10We gussied ourselves up (I am definitely wearing that same dress I always wear: Mischa Barton’s hand-me-down Herve Leger, which I’ll wear until it becomes one sad little dangling bandage…) and hit Gold Coast in West Hollywood. With a million of our closest friends and fans (wink!). We felt totally honored that everyone came out to party with us (and watch the Season 1 finale!) It was — a total blast.

There were Sleepover posters, a bumpin soundtrack… snacks upon snacks! Rock candy, cookies, popcorn, PINK SHIMMERING GUMBALLS…! We went all out. Sleepover style!

I’m sorry, but our friends know how to class up a dive bar! That’s our favorite “@KlassyFucker” himself, with Dan and I. And crossing the street — DREW IS WEARING A TIE! How adorable is he.
sleepover-wrap-party-04Grace, Alli and Kayla… I mean, style for days! (The boys look good too….)

sleepover-wrap-party-02sleepover-wrap-party-05These two could teach a class on smiling for photos while looking hot. Lauren (there’s just *something* about her name, left), actually *made* “TeddyCorn” for us — I was hallucinating, I was so excited. I think it was gummy bears and kettle corn and amazing. If you know the show, you know we love our precious lil TeddyCorn!sleepover-wrap-party-03ChadMichael is too good for sidewalks and standing. And I agree. (“Maw, can I keep him??”) sleepover-wrap-party-06Lips, leather, bangs! With Kathleen, Kirsten and S. Evelyn! (And man friend.)sleepover-wrap-party-08Ah-HAH! Evidence that someone ate one of our snacks. (Possibly). I don’t want to name names, but I think I polished off whatever was left. So, like 500 chocolate chip cookies.

This pic totally makes me smile. Orianna and Crystal chillin like Bob Dylan:sleepover-wrap-party-07And then, The Dan and Chris Slim’n’Tall Club. It’s very exclusive. I tried to get in, but even in heels, I was like a hopeful hobbit.


The evening wound down for me with my signature “OMG MY FEET ARE KILLING ME” flip flops, and tacos. Because every nite should probably end in tacos.

Catch up on Sleepover this summer AND check out our finale episode! If you’ve seen even one of our shows, you can dive right in! Spoiler: We’re in pajamas, in public. (Which has been my lifelong dream, duh.)

Thanks so much to all of you who worked on our show, followed our show, and in general made it more fun to DO our show. We love you from the bottoms of our footie pajamas.



All original photography by Marc Blackwell, who is super talented and also very cool to work with. So if you have a thing, call him. He’s rad.

5 thoughts on “Go To Bed.

  1. I found the perfect beauty secret for next season…

    Stops chub rub between your thighs and doubles as a makeup primer! I’m sure it won’t be weird AT. ALL. rubbing something made by Monistat on your face, haha. :)

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