Couples Yoga.

thisislalaland-couplesyoga-03I’m a decent person. I’m into fitness and health (shh, fridge pizza, shhhhh). I like when people are happy and in love…

But y’know… what really gets me jazzed about livin’… COUPLES ACRO YOGA. Mmmmmmm…. fuckin love it.

Have you seen this trend? (Have you DONE it?? Be honest.) Not only is it Instagram perfection, it manages to convey, “LOOK AT OUR LOVE! LOOK AT OUR BODIES! I BET YOU COULDN’T GET YOUR PARTNER TO DO THIS WITH YOU, SUKKA!” — without speaking at all!

A beautiful gift for the world.

Truth times: I would never ask my boyfriend to do this with me. I’m horrible at solo-person yoga. And I would barf all over myself if I posted a pic of us doing anything romaaaaaaaaantiiiiiic. Example: His hand and mine, making a heart shape, as the sun sets over the ocean, and my melted cheese brain oozes out of my head and my googly-heart-eyeballs spring from their sockets and procure rusted switchblades to stab me to death.

So. Today, I would like to share couples yoga with you. If it’s your thing, blessings. If you’d like to try it with your lover, namaste. If this makes you never want to see another gooey duo bumpin’ yogis ever again? Call me. Let’s be friends.

Sigh. At least they’re not wearing overalls.

Ahhhhh… that feels good.




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10 thoughts on “Couples Yoga.

  1. Very funny! I am glad to say that I am not at all familiar with couples yoga. Brenda and I would rather throw a few jabs at each other (with gloves on) now and then, rather than imitate love-sapped pretzels. Sparring is a much better stress reliever. Trust me!

  2. OMG. James and I would never do that shit! Not unless it happened by accident because the vodka bottle dropped and we collided as we both ran to grab it.

    As always, your comments are perfect. Especially the one about the penis disappearing.

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