Location, location, location.

I live in Hollywood. On Hollywood Blvd. Kind of smack dab in-between a lot of fancy houses, in a low-key 1 BR apartment on the bus line. When strangers ask where I live, I usually give them the cross streets for the nearest Rite Aid, because *smart*, and also I'm there most of the time … Continue reading Location, location, location.

Baby’s first fillers.

*I never thought I could feel so miserable, sitting so close to peanut M&Ms. I recently shot a campaign for Bellafill, the injectable filler that lasts 5 years, and prompts your own collagen to kick into high gear. But when I got the audition notice, I was like....whaaaaaaa? I don't need fillers! I'm thirty-uh...yeah! I don't … Continue reading Baby’s first fillers.