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Eat at: St. Honoré Boulangerie.

29 Mar

LA’s got salad. There are organic, local, sustainable greens actually growing in our glove compartments. But I’ve seen nary a Niçoise that compares with the one that stole my heart once upon a time at St. Honore in Portland, OR. Yukon Gold potatoes, haricot vert, roma tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, tuna fish, Niçoise olives, anchovies, house vinaigrette, and mixed greens. It’s the heartiest salad west of the Seine.

Stick around for an espresso and a bag of puffy pastry Chouquettes. Or really take a Parisian plunge and get dessert. Get two desserts! Especially delicious are the toasty Hazelnut Caramel Dacquoise and the summery Strawberry Mille Feuille. *I feel well traveled just typing French words…

Pull up to the bar with a glass of wine while you wait, and get a free ticket to the gun bread show! Watch the French baking wizards work the clay firebrick oven right before your eyes. Listen for authentic French accents in the crowd at the NW location. It’s a bustling neighborhood favorite just about any time of day.


Two Tarts Bakery.

22 Mar

I miss these little sandwich cookies from Portland. They were kinda perfect. Lil Mamas, Honey Graham Cracker & S’mores, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and my favorite, Peanut Butter Creams. Mmmm. If you are in Portland, go eat one for me. If you are online, go here and get em mailed to you: Two Tarts Bakery!

Miss Me Like You Mean It.

2 Mar

Cast: Me, Isaac, Jacklyn, Brian.

I’ve been missing my close friends lately. Being in a new town’ll do that. While totally surrounded by new people and adventures, my heart pulls toward something more familiar. So, if you’ll indulge me for a moment…a little Portland post. The last play I did was with Third Rail Repertory called “Kiss Me Like You Mean It“. I know some of you saw it, but I think that now is a good time to reveal what I did backstage. Well, a little of it anyway. I still wonder what happened to the secret photos Isaac and I took with Brian’s disposable camera, while wearing his glasses and hat and pretending to fill in his prized crossword. (*It’s ok. Brian won’t read this because he’s a hardcore, dapper, luddite.)

Veg in the dressing room. Balancing out the homemade fudge C made me, the cookies, the bread…and good Lord, the evenings spent at the “cheeseburger parlor“.

Walking to dinner along the waterfront.

Did you know you can make rabbit teeth out of Tic-Tacs? Well, you can! I swear I did have a role in this play. And I was conscientious and played the part to the best of my abili—–

Me in a Starbucks cup! Ta-daaaaaaa! And I am also holding the cup! This is the magic of cinema. Or the magic of…time on my hands. “The beverage you’re about to enjoy IS extremely hot!” (Wink!) I miss this show and I rarely pine for shows once they have lived their life. But this one got all tangled up in my heartstrings. Ah. I’ll get myself all verklempt…

Set in progress. End of show.


M&M’s spot.

17 Feb

Me, getting fresh with Red and Yellow.

I shot an M&M’s national commercial for the holidays, when I lived in Portland, and wanted to post a few photos for ya. {Even the candy actors have stand-ins.} It was melt in your mouth fun being a “Ho Ho Host” for the day!

Dressing "my house" for the shoot. A beautiful home in NE Portland.

Craft services. Like my cute little buns?

Wardrobe. My dress, hanging in the changing tent. "I strike you dead in the gut" the gentle sunbeam whispers.

Lights, camera, M&M's eating contest! (photo by LAIKA)

"Holiday party" THIS. And Delcie looking so beautiful and demure. (photo by Matt Barbee)


The whole fam damily!

18 Nov

My family came to visit! For the first time ever, they were all here at the same time. I love these people. Because they’re just like me. I’m kidding. I love em cause they’re not like me (…at least not all the time). Here’s what we did when “we” weren’t seeing my show too many times for one weekend:

Looking into Cacao from the street...

Took a dip in some drinking chocolate at Cacao. Then kicked back like movie stars in the digs at Hotel Deluxe.

One Deluxe Lounge

When my Dad finally drew the line at too much shopping (is there such a thing?!), we struck out into the wildnerness to hike Multnomah Falls. A train passing through, Coho Salmon in the river… perfection.

The beginnings of fall...

Dewy droplets

If they had been holding hands in this moment, it would have been a Kay Jewelers ad.

Photo op at the top of the Falls.

This is screaming gift shop spoon. Or plate. Or smashy penny.

Waterfall as hat couture.

There were burritos. La Bonita, I carry you in my heart. And my thighs until I get back into kickboxing more regularly – but MAINLY my heart.



There was also an incident with a S’mores Waffle (sweet pancakes, did we add ice cream to it too?) from Flavour Spot.

Flava Flav.

Then there was this little gem on Mississippi – which is full of brilliant vintage shops, breweries, cafes and boutiques – but this place stands out to me. As a magical land of salt, chocolate… and efflorescence. (I had to look that up and even now I’m not sure it’s right, here.) The Meadow.


Ok, they're flowers. I'll stop using the big words. Flowers.

Himalayan salt blocks. Good for curing, displaying and also licking.

There was a mysterious trip through Powell’s…

Pretending to read.

Cats! Telling us what to do!

And the grand finale… the long anticipated late-nite visit to Potato Champion. Get outta town poutine. And perfect pommes frites to smother in delicious sauces. Even on a cold and rainy Saturday nite, it was killer people watching. My sister and I always say that we eat our way through Portland when she visits every year. But it’s true. Portland is so foodie-licious, we just can’t help ourselves.

We're all Potato Champion(s).

The Swifts.

28 Sep

Alriiiiiight… I finally did it. I had a night off (on a freakishly warm autumn day) and I witnessed the flight of the Swifts into the Chapman Elementary School chimney. These birds gather in the hundreds, swirling around the sky like a wild tornado, until the precise moment when they form a tight funnel and pour into the chimney to sleep for the night. It’s pretty fantastic to watch. I was busy trying to snap a nighttime photo of high speed wildlife when – A HAWK – swooped in for a bird-snack! And why not… there were seemingly billions of Swifts to pick from.

Good people of Portland… this hawk thing seems to be a normal (yes, natural) occurrence. Anyone who’s seen the Swifts has probably seen a badass hawk dive in like a ferocious dog into a pile of baby bunnies. Why does no one mention this!! That you’ll likely see the cold blooded murder of an innocent bird just stylishly trying to get a good night’s rest.

…Or. Is that why we go…? Yes, we like the Swifts, the people watching and that sweet little boy who sells cookies in his front yard. But, man. That hawk can really put on a show…

Montgomery Park sign at night.

Chapman Elementary. Watching the sky...

Swifts diving into the chimney.

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