My Baby Is A Pillow.

“You’re sitting in a wheelchair, looking at your premature baby in an incubator, and you’ve just gotten out of surgery, having almost died. Aaaaaand…action.” I fixed my eyes on what I decided was the "incubator". A burgundy throw pillow, on the opposite side of the room. “Take your time with this... I’m going to improv with … Continue reading My Baby Is A Pillow.


I went to a callback yesterday for a job that I'm definitely booking because if there's one thing I know about this town, it's that forcing your hair into beachy waves and whitening your teeth with a homemade peroxide solution equals a successful career! I arrived at this callback in the same clothes I wore … Continue reading Crybaby.

Marco, (Red) Polo.

AVERAGE. PRETTY BUT NOT TOO PRETTY. NOT RAIL THIN. BRUNETTE (NO BLONDES!). WARDROBE: RED POLO, KHAKIS, COMFORTABLE SHOES. When I read that, I think of a pretty brown haired princess with pleated khakis jammed up her lady bits and an ill-fitting cotton shirt, sweat-stained Keds and unfortunate, mousy hair tied back in a greasy ponytail, … Continue reading Marco, (Red) Polo.