Audition: Absolutely Beautiful.

The phrase "MUST BE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL" in the casting call, threw me off. Great. It's gonna be me and a bunch of models. My favorite pick-me-up is hanging out with drop dead gorgeous women who don't get my sense of humor. It was a national audition for a flower company, for V-Day 2013. I put … Continue reading Audition: Absolutely Beautiful.

Audition: Wife Of Cheating Husband.

I was super excited about this audition because it was for the role of "Wife who's husband cheated on her" and not "Mom", which I've been getting all the time (but which I love being paid to play!). I wore exactly what they called for -- "Brunette" (Check), "Hair pulled back, maybe she's in a … Continue reading Audition: Wife Of Cheating Husband.