Mannequin Whisperer.

Hey you guys! I don't have anything exciting to write about. A lot of little stories, but -- nothing that's jumping out to me. Do I write about how I got trapped inside Kelsey Grammer's Bel Air mansion gate? (No, it's not fun because I got out eventually.) Or how my roommates got me all … Continue reading Mannequin Whisperer.

35 Is The New Elderly.

An occupational hazard of working in Beverly Hills is that I am constantly surrounded by “youth”. The relentless pursuit of it, anyway. It appears in many forms. Baggy leggings, luxury convertibles, Botoxed earthworm-lips, so glossy you can check your own teeth in them, and of course, see-thru foreheads. I spend a lot of time hanging … Continue reading 35 Is The New Elderly.

Lucille Ball.

I started writing this blog two years ago. (TWO!) My first post was a quote from Lucille Ball, from her autobiography I had just started reading. I recently finished her book. (I'm no speed reader. I like to savour words and look at pictures. For years...) Also, through some practiced nighttime ritual, I've trained myself … Continue reading Lucille Ball.