It was only a matter of time before Los Angeles gang "Thumbs-up Mouse" made their presence known. I just can't figure out if they kill me if I wash it or if I don't wash it. And is that the sign? Thumbs-up? Ugh, I am  t h e  w o r s t  at joining gangs. … Continue reading Tagged.

Hobos n Me: Butting Heads.

I use the term "hobo" somewhat affectionately. As the abbreviated "homeward bound", it seems hopeful. Of milder consequence than "derelict", "bum" or  ye olde "tramp". I have a long history with hobos. Dating back to the late nineties when I offered a "homeward bound" fellow in my college dorm dumpster a simple sandwich. "Excuse me, … Continue reading Hobos n Me: Butting Heads.