Zink Commercial Shoot.

If you've been a reader of mine for the past (almost) two years, you're well aware of how glamorous the world of acting really is. It's ALL limos and personal chefs and your own clothing/perfume/makeup line. I mean, it hardly feels like work! I would imagine. If you are a celebrity. But hey-oh! Getting paid for … Continue reading Zink Commercial Shoot.

America’s Next Top (Hand) Model.

Meet my new family! My daughter….um…Sssteeephrrrahhbrrriiiitt…uhhh… and of course my husband...…Daaaavvchrisssmmmmiiiichaell…? We are all very happy and very very blessed. This is my most recent commercial shoot for Kroger! We shot in San Diego over a few days and I got to use my face AND my manhands… (Small children cower in fear). Day 1: … Continue reading America’s Next Top (Hand) Model.