Friendiversary II.

Yeah, those are cold, hard $1's. Bling it on! Remember last year when Crystal and I had our special Friendiversary in Malibu, celebrating our friends-ness for one whole year? This was our second one! Cuz we still think each other is neat! [*Clink glasses!] Our adventure started out in Los Feliz at the Vintage Cinema, … Continue reading Friendiversary II.

Bestie Friendiversary!

That's a hide, signifying our friendship that utilizes all parts of the animal. I like to celebrate things. Anything, basically. "It's your birthday!" "That's a baby you got there!" "It's Taco Tuesday!" And I have friends who will do that with me. There's a non-traditional traditional celebration of Thanksgiving (at Huber's in Portland) with one … Continue reading Bestie Friendiversary!