I Hugged Howie Mandel.

  UPDATE: My episode is airing THURSDAY DECEMBER 13, 9PM on NBC!...And I hugged him so hard I almost knocked him down. I'm no delicate flower, people. I pack a punch! You guys remember how I went to a casting for Howie Mandel's new game show "Take It All", beginning December 10th in NBC Primetime, … Continue reading I Hugged Howie Mandel.

Game Show Audition for Howie Mandel.

I think if my friend Jessica asked me to jump off a bridge, I might do it. She texted me about running with her in this December's Malibu Spartan Race and I signed up in a heartbeat. She emailed me about auditioning for a new game show and I replied "Do I need to know … Continue reading Game Show Audition for Howie Mandel.