Go To Bed.

You's guys. My bezzzz friend Dan Magro and I FINISHED 18 bonafide episodes of "Sleepover With Dan + Lauren"! And to celebrate -- in lieu of having everyone over for the world's sweatiest, most awkwardest actual sleepover -- we threw a good ole fashioned party. That's us up top, kinda looking like DJs, kinda looking like we had a personal … Continue reading Go To Bed.

“Whipped” on Funny Or Die.

You guys! One of the sketches we shot, just landed on Funny Or Die today. It's called "Whipped". And you can watch it here. Starring funny people Gregg Alexander, Luke Clements, and Dan Magro (and me! The brown haired girl!), it flipsy-doodles stereotypical household roles and puts the men in their place. -- I mean, forces … Continue reading “Whipped” on Funny Or Die.