Fridays In LaLa Land.

Happy Pride Weekend! I'm thinking about heading out to WeHo this Sunday to check out the scene. For all of you attending, may it be a powerful message in the form of A-MA-ZING PAR-TAY! 1. What's That Bear Wearing? Yeah. Bear, we need to talk... 2. Auditions: 1 3. Learned: I'm super crap at assembling terrariums. … Continue reading Fridays In LaLa Land.

Fridays in LaLa Land.

Happy weekend everybody! This is my second Friday with these 12 items. If you missed last week, don't worry. The main thing is that the bear is now naked. 1. What's That Bear Wearing? This is a FAMILY park! 2. Auditions: 0 3. Learned: These Mai Tai's make me feel really good about myself and then really … Continue reading Fridays in LaLa Land.