It’s A Sign.

I am having some JGSAD today. (June Gloom Seasonal Affective Disorder). June Gloom is this weird cloud layer (It's not SMOG - I checked) that hangs around and makes the mornings dark and kinda chilly. I'm drinking iced cold brew coffee, wearing a sweater and shorts, squinting even though there is no sunshiny sun --- … Continue reading It’s A Sign.

Hike it: Fryman Canyon

I hiked Fryman Canyon with my friend Jesse. He regaled me with stories of interesting trail history and wildlife recognition as I honed my own LA hiking skills: "Is that Steve Martin?!!" As the real Steve Martin walked by with his dog. We strode along, talking about the difference between gophers and groundhogs... "WAIT. Is … Continue reading Hike it: Fryman Canyon