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I Am Avocado Plant.

5 Oct

I hate talking about this. Because I feel like someone will be like, “This is how a loser sounds, loser!” But. I’m going for it anyway.


This is a case for slow-motion.

For waiting. For the right timing. For baby steps.

( … F*** baby steps!!) I know. I’m with you. My preferred timing on things is: 1. Initial Attempt, 2. WILD SUCCESS.

But it doesn’t usually work like that. Except for people like this dude I met at an audition once who bro’d out on me like, “Pshyeah… my roommate was all, dude you should be an actor, and I was like, nah man, but then I went to this random casting, and booked this Budweiser thing, and made like $50,000!”


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Inspired By Balls.

14 Jan

gold-disco-ballsI made sure I wasn’t on the schedule for my delivery job, last nite, because I wanted to watch the Golden Globes.

But only because of these two ladies.Tina Fey and Amy Poehlerat the Golden GlobesI couldn’t wait to watch them. And hope for Christoph Waltz to win for Django. (YES! My mindpowers are working!) I figured Anne Hathaway would win for Les Mis, but she lost me at “(GASP) (SIGH) (stammer, weirdness)… this is really happening…” Save it for the Oscars, girl.

I laughed out loud at Tina and Amy. Easily. They are brilliant. I even watched their opening again when it re-aired at 8pm, for us West Coast people who had already watched the show at 5p, our time. I couldn’t get enough. And also of Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell. Did you guys see Tommy Lee’s face during their presentation? Priceless. Angrily priceless. Maybe he was thinking about something else.

But, while a lot of the rest of the ceremony remains snoozy and self-congratulatory (it is a special torture to watch jokes not work. Sly and Arnold), I was surprised at the moments that were inspiring.

Kevin Costner – who is never on my list of “actors I wanna be like” or “actors I wanna make out with in my dreams” or “people I think of ever” – talked about being at his very first Globes ceremony. How he walked the red carpet, photographers calling anyone’s name but his. How he was overwhelmed by being in the same room as all of these people.

Jessica Chastain talked about how long she had hustled to get where she is. Lena Dunham talked about finally feeling like someone’s paying attention to her work. Jodi Foster talked about being in the business forever (47 years – !) and feeling lonely in it, at times. Ben Affleck talked about how many people helped him get where he is (although, we know it’s Jennifer Garner’s magical dimples). Jennifer Lawrence —  all I could think about was “She’s got moles! UNAMERICAN.” I was stoked.

I felt heartened, listening to actors/writers/directors, who are winning awards, wearing fancy dresses, doing amazing films and tv shows — acknowledge all the work that goes into their careers.

It IS hard. And it’s not quick. And it’s not without some serious blood, sweat, and tears. And lots of sacrifice. Of the things that matter to you most. People think they just need to get to LA and all will be solved. I did, a little bit. Little did I know, it’s just the beginning of all of it…

I look forward to the day I can gather up my hard earned career, pop a Zac Posen gown on top of it, and trip my way down a red carpet.



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