I Love Oysters. These Oysters, Anyway.

Before I ever arrived at this brunch, I knew I loved two things: Kirsten and Carlos Calvo. OK, and champagne. But there was a fourth guest at this soirée who I wasn't totally sure about. Oysters. Party of, like, 48. It was Kirsten's birthday brunch! A lovely intimate gathering in the Calvo's back yard... with all - I tell … Continue reading I Love Oysters. These Oysters, Anyway.


I was wearing a deep violet mermaid-cut gown with a bit of feathers and a plunging neckline (gotta show off what I got), waves of my hair loosely swept up, sparkly jewels dangling from my ears. I was linked arm in arm with my always stylish Grandma - who I promised to take to the … Continue reading Touch.