Los Angeles Mag’s Big 5-0.

I made it to Wednesday! A small victory in itself. Right now, I'm barely flinging myself over the finish line, once every 24 hours. Dear Universe, I just want to feel ok. SO. A bit of fun news. I totally won that thing you guys voted for. Thank you! This is Los Angeles Magazine's 50th Anniversary … Continue reading Los Angeles Mag’s Big 5-0.

LA Magazine “Future Cover” Design Contest.

First off, we're all winners! Second, I wanna win this for real. And I'm asking for your click-y help (wink!). I entered Los Angeles Magazine's Future Covers contest, where they will be picking one reader-designed cover to be featured at their glittery private anniversary party this summer. Here is the link (if you press "10", … Continue reading LA Magazine “Future Cover” Design Contest.