Baby’s first fillers.

*I never thought I could feel so miserable, sitting so close to peanut M&Ms. I recently shot a campaign for Bellafill, the injectable filler that lasts 5 years, and prompts your own collagen to kick into high gear. But when I got the audition notice, I was like....whaaaaaaa? I don't need fillers! I'm thirty-uh...yeah! I don't … Continue reading Baby’s first fillers.

Love ruins everything.

There will be screaming, crying, laughing, total confusion, and the phrase "Why do they do this to kids!!" at Disneyland. But first...there was BBQ. I knew my parents were coming to visit me to celebrate my birthday (*totally ruining my plans for a depressing birthday weekend sad sesh — I'll forgive them this one time). … Continue reading Love ruins everything.