Hi you guys! So, this week, I'm packing up my things and moving 15 minutes away to Hollywood proper, with my boyfriend Ervin! It's OFFICIAL: We're cheap bastards who like lower rent! As much as I will miss my first 'hood in LA, Los Feliz, with its Little Dom's and its Alcove and its Vista … Continue reading “CITY BABY” IN LA!

My (2nd) New Job!

Mama needs to pay her rent. So Mama picked up another job (hustle!). This time, it's in my 'hood (fabulously walkable Los Feliz!), and it's at my favorite cheeky gift shop - Spitfire Girl. After my first training seshie, I snapped some photos of the treasures that await! I wanna hang whales and bears from the … Continue reading My (2nd) New Job!