ParaNorman Is Coming!

You guys! Remember when I hung out with those famous people (Oh hey, Casey Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jeff Garlin, Leslie Mann...) last year, as a reader for the LA voice record sessions for feature film ParaNorman?? It's finally here! In theaters this Friday! I got to play the ditzy older sister Courtney in the original … Continue reading ParaNorman Is Coming!

Doing LaLa Land with: Kitty Cattaraugus

I spent a hot, sunny afternoon (in a very dark bar) with the Kitty Cattaraugus. If she's not kindly letting me pick her brain (and snap her pics) over boooozy cocktails at Drawing Room in Los Feliz, she's concocting witty, brilliant bloggery here. I first caught up with her at Rudy's Barbershop on Sunset, where she was … Continue reading Doing LaLa Land with: Kitty Cattaraugus