Alzheimer’s Is For Lovers.

I returned this week from a SUPER quick trip to Baltimore and Lancaster, PA to visit my family. My boyfriend Ervin went with me and met them as well. He is a fan! (He has to be, otherwise, he's fired.) I have enough photos to bore a small army. Most of them are of a … Continue reading Alzheimer’s Is For Lovers.

Gravestones and a Wedding Dress.

Tonight (cue Halloween music -- so, I guess,┬áMonster Mash?), on this, the advent of All-Hallows-Eve, I am attempting a feat few women before me have achieved. Among the costumed revelers of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, I will attempt the most daring, most dangerous, most balls-to-the-wall display of fiery rebellion. I will cast down my … Continue reading Gravestones and a Wedding Dress.