I Can Has Annoying Tourists In My Moments.

So, a lot has been going on this past week...(s). I shot a commercial and a pilot for a sketch comedy show. Do not be fooled. I didn't make money every day that I worked. But I appreciate the chances I get to act. They are like Coca-Cola's in the desert. Or water. Interesting Black … Continue reading I Can Has Annoying Tourists In My Moments.

Do it: Runyon Canyon

When you think of hiking Runyon Canyon, what do you think of first? CHIHUAHUAS! I know, right?! I hiked Runyon yesterday with my friend K and we found these adorable poopoo's for adoption just inside the main entrance. $40 and all of my baby chihuahua dreams could have come true... (Cute, but my heart belongs … Continue reading Do it: Runyon Canyon