Do you know the way to Rancho Santa Fe?

Remember this song? It was playing in my head as I rode in the back seat of my director's SUV all the way to Rancho Santa Fe. *Cuz I didn't know the way... I silently resigned myself to traveling a long distance to shoot what would amount to one line (and most of my footage … Continue reading Do you know the way to Rancho Santa Fe?

Lights, camera, Astro!

I made my *LA theatrical debut* this weekend, shooting a USC student short film. (Trumpet fanfare! Bears on tricycles! Gum!) I played Wendy the waitress, for your consideration. We shot at Astro Family Restaurant, where you can order up some fried zucchini and balance that out with "jumbo ground beef patty" which is listed under … Continue reading Lights, camera, Astro!