Lunch With An ER Nurse.

It's not blood. It's beet juice. Or so they say. I think the beet taste can cover anything... I had a lovely lunch with my friend Beth (Kickboxing instructor and ER Nurse) the other day, where I made her promise to tell me the worst stories about her hospital shifts. Code blue! Code red! Code-a-cola! … Continue reading Lunch With An ER Nurse.

{Drink me} Bar Marmont

We swirled our celebrity swizzle stick in the "Millionaire Cocktail" at Bar Marmont! And let's not kid ourselves. We also took a dip in a "Pimm's Cup" and a "Havanna Style Mojito". Aaaaand maybe a "Sidecar". *I promise I did not do all this imbibing myself. And of course - a bite: there was the … Continue reading {Drink me} Bar Marmont